Are you seeing any errors or experiencing strange noises? This is a normal case if you are using the washer for a long time. In this case, the thing which comes to mind is to reset the machine. Maytag centennial washer reset is one of the good ways to solve this small problem in the washer. It can help you to resolve the problem in simple steps. 

There are some ways by which you can reset the washer in simple steps. In this blog, we are going to see how you can reset your Maytag Centennial Washer in just 10 simple ways. You can do all this by yourself at home. This can save you money on repairs. Whether you’re dealing with error codes, strange noises, or other problems, we hope these methods will help you get your washer back up and running. Let’s see the Maytag centennial washer reset easy ways.

Top 10 Ways to Reset Maytag Centennial Washer

Why There Is A Need To Restart Of Maytag Centennial Washer

If you wanted to know ways to Maytag centennial washer reset but why is it important? You may require to reset your washer for the following reasons.

1. Error Codes

There may be a possibility that you will see an error code on your washer screen. This requires an immediate solution. This can be resolved through resetting options. Once you do the resetting in the washer, it can solve the problem of the error code in the washer.

2. Strange Noises

Sometimes we see noise in the washer and to stop this type of noise we need to restart the Maytag Centennial Washer. Most of the time, this noise is stopped if we do this process in case we see noise in the washer.

3. Performance Issues

Washer, In case, there is an effect on the washer’s performance and this can also reduce the productivity at the time of using this. We need to restart this device to start all the functions in these situations. We can work on the performance by restarting in this situation.

Ways For Maytag Centennial Washer Reset 2023

Let’s solve this problem which you may face in a washer. We have listed a total of 7 easy ways by which you can restart your washer. We have listed down seven ways, and these are easy ways that you can do by yourself. Maytag centennial washer reset can help you solve the various problems you face. 

1. Unplug for 20 Seconds

It is one of the simple ways by which you can restart your Maytag centennial washer. In this method, you need to unplug the washer for at least 20 seconds and then plug it in again after some time. You can try this 3-4 times if it does not work one or two times.

It is a word most of the time. If you are doing this for the error code or want to get rid of the noise, then you can use this method to restart. We also use this type of way to restart other devices in our 

2. Unplug For 10 Minutes

This method is similar to the one mentioned above in this way you have to just unplug your device for at least 10 minutes and then start after this particular time. It works most of the time if the method mentioned above does not work.

It can help you to remove the error which you are seeing on your screen. Doing this for 10 minutes makes it more reliable as we are giving them more time for the machine to pause. With the help of this, you can do Maytag centennial washer reset in an easy way.

3. Power Switch Off 

In this method, you need to completely switch off the device and unplug it from the power. After doing this, you need to press the start button for a few seconds. Again, plug in the power and reset the start button of the device.   This is also one of the effective ways that are available. It is also recommended by many experts in the field.

4. Reboot Through the Power Cancel Button

It is also one of the effective ways by which you can do a Maytag centennial washer reset. In this way, you need to press the pause or cancel button. Then go for the proper wash cycle. After all, this again presses the start/pause on the device.

5. Reset Through Lid Lift

Here, you need to disconnect the device from the power. Then aahing replugged the device in the power. After this process, you need to lift the lid of the washer and do the lower. Now you have to start the device. This also works well if the other ways are not working.

6. Rotate the Washer Dial

In this way to restart the washer, you need to rotate the dial of the device to the face of the 12 o’clock position. Then do the counterclockwise and do it again to the same position. After this, you need to turn it to the 3 o’clock position. Then you need to start it again. This way of restarting is unique but it works well in some cases.

7. Giving Rest Sometimes

If the washer is still not restarting, then you can do one thing. You can power off or switch off for one or two days. It helps the device to reset properly, and you can do this if all these methods mentioned above are not working. 


These are our top 7 ways to restart your device. These can easily help you to resolve problems related to error codes or noise problems in your washer. You can do Maytag centennial washer reset by following these ways. Now, you understand how to restart the washer which will help you to resolve the small problem related to the washer.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

My Maytag Centennial Washer is displaying an error code. How do I reset it?

First, try unplugging the washer and plugging it back in to reset the system. If the error code persists, consult the owner’s manual for specific instructions on troubleshooting and resolving the issue.

How do I reset my Maytag Centennial Washer if the power supply was disrupted?

Unplug the washer and wait a few minutes before plugging it back in. This will reset the washer’s electrical system and may help resolve any issues it was experiencing.

What should I do if my Maytag Centennial Washer is stuck in a cycle?

Try unplugging the washer and plugging it back in to reset the system. If this doesn’t work, try running a diagnostic test to identify any issues. Consult the owner’s manual for specific instructions on how to run a diagnostic test.




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