LG is one of the most prominent TV makers worldwide, providing great picture quality to immerse users in watching content. With some great features, it stands out from the crowd. 

You may have heard about LG Super Resolution or noticed it while scrolling through settings on your TV.  Surprisingly, many users don’t know LG Super Resolution and how to access it.

If you’re also one of those who don’t know about it. Don’t worry; I’ll help you learn that in detail in this post so you can fully use your LG TV.

What is LG Super Resolution 2023?

LG Super Resolution is a feature available on the settings that help improve blurry or unclear areas to provide an enhanced and sharper image.

Turning this on will help you improve low-quality images like SD and 720p to a higher resolution. So, if you’re getting blurry picture quality, it’ll remove that by pixellating the image with adequate sharpness.

It upscales the overall picture quality by gathering information from different images and placing them in more pixels.

How to Access LG Super Resolution on TVs

If you still don’t understand what it means, then let’s learn deeply through an example.

If you’re viewing a lower-quality image than your TV can, this feature will try to enhance it to the maximum level possible. Suppose your TV can display 4K (3840 x 2160), and you’re displaying 1080p, then it’ll repeat the information on the available pixel to provide finer detail.

Imagine your TV displays a low-resolution colour, so two pixels represent only one. Super Resolution will guess the colour and fill in the other pixel so that only one pixel does the work. This thing will happen on the whole TV screen. It may also consider two of almost the same colours in one pixel, but you’ll surely get a sharper picture quality than before.

So, ultimately it can be said as a resolution encampment on the same content you’re watching on your LG TV.

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How To Access LG Super Resolution?

You can easily access Super Resolution from the settings page of your LG TV. But this feature is only available on newer devices, and if you have an older LG TV, you won’t have access to it.

What is LG Super Resolution? And How to Access LG Super Resolution on TVs

The process of doing that is easy. But, if you’re doing this for the first time, you may face problems doing that. So, to help you, I have added the steps below that you can follow to enable Super Resolution on your LG TV without any error.

  • First, turn on your LG TV.
  • Press the Settings button on the remote.
  • It’ll open the menu on the left side of your TV screen, but the place may vary depending on the model you use.
  • At the bottom, select the three vertical dots that suggest All Settings.
  • You’ll see many other options on the next page.
  • On the left side of the menu, ensure the Picture is selected.
  • Then, scroll down to the Advanced Controls option and select that.
  • On the next menu, you’ll see the Super Resolution option.

There are four options for Super Resolution – Off, Low, Medium, and High. Select according to your needs, or try applying all the available modes and test what suits you the best.

In this context, it’ll be better for you to know about these modes in detail-

Low- This mode will suit those who want natural video quality and will be the best if the video has little movement or browsing a picture.

Medium- If you want the average sharpness that’ll be comfortable for you, then Medium will be the best mode. It’ll provide you with an optimized video quality suitable to pixelate UCC and SD video quality.

High- If your TV screen has a higher resolution, apply this mode, and you won’t regret it. It helps you get sharper quality with crystal-clear images on your optimized screen.

These modes’ aptness will depend on the content you’re viewing and how much sharpness you need. So, it’ll be better for you to try out each one by one.

How To Access Super Resolution+ On Monitors?

LG has started providing a Super Resolution+ feature on their monitors, but not in all. You can easily turn this on if you have one with this feature available.

The process differs from the LG TVs, so you need to know the right method. So, check out the steps below:

  • First, you must press the button below the monitor that says setFUNC.
  • It’ll display the OSD.FUNC.
  • Now, press the right arrow button to select the SUPER RESOLUTION+
  • Then, enter the SUPER RESOLUTION+ menu by clicking the down arrow button.
  • Now, you can set your desired option by pressing either the right or left arrow.
  • If you want to leave the menu, select the EXIT option.

Now you have enabled Super Resolution+ on your LG monitor to get more vivid, bright, and sharp images. 

If you face any delay or some errors with it, you can turn that off following the same steps.

Should You Turn On Super Resolution For Gaming?

Though the LG monitors have super-resolution settings, the question is whether you should turn them on.

This setting will enhance the picture quality and give you a better gaming experience. But you should also know that it consumes more power from your CPU.

The main thing about gaming is your response timing. So, if you don’t have a powerful CPU, the game will lag, degrading your game performance.

However, if your game has fewer requirements and lower graphics with 1080p picture quality, you should turn this on to enhance gaming quality.

I suggest turning this mode once and checking if you face any trouble playing the game; if not, you’re good to go. Otherwise, you can disable the mode anytime you want.

Normally the TVs have a game mode that helps the players play video games superfast way, and gamers use that mode.


This was the complete information about the LG Super Resolution. Hopefully, you know what LG Super Resolution is and how to access that. If you still need help, drop your queries in the comments below.


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