If you are having a problem with the  LG dishwasher’s touchpad, then you are not the only one facing this problem of the LG Dishwasher touchpad not working. It is one of the common issues which many people face due to not maintaining the device properly. Whether it is not responding to the touchpad or not working altogether, it can create many problems in our daily usage. You need to fix this problem to avoid additional problems with your device.

This blog will show the solution to the LG Dishwasher touchpad not working. There are some reasons why your LG Dishwasher touchpad is not working, and you can solve this in simple steps. If you’re also facing this problem with your Touchpad and want to get rid of this problem, then you need to check out all the solution points to get rid of this issue.

How to Fix LG Dishwasher Touchpad Not Working

Solving LG Dishwasher Touchpad Not Working 2024

Are you ready with your Dishwasher Touchpad to solve this issue? We have explained all the possible solutions to this problem, and you can try all for a better solution. LG Dishwasher touchpad not working may also result in the not working Dishwasher. So make sure to follow all the points mentioned. You can also make most of the points mentioned here.

1. Damaged Buttons on the Touchpad 

Suppose we are using the Dishwasher for a long time without proper maintenance at regular intervals. In that case, it may be possible that the button of the Dishwasher is damaged or not responsive. It resulted in the LG Dishwasher touchpad not working. If the button of the touchpad is not working, it can happen due to a problem in the control panel.

To fix this problem, you need to check out the touchpad of the dishwasher. If there is any default in the control panel, you need to install the new control panel. After installing the control panel, check if the issue is resolved. Also, you should use the touchpad button carefully so that it does not have any future problems.

2. Fault in the Control Board

The control board plays an essential role in the dishwasher, and if there is any problem with the control board, it will affect the dishwasher’s functioning. You need to locate this dishwasher part and check for its fault. After finding the fault, you need to replace it with a new control board to solve this problem. 

4. Touchpad Required Cleaning

Many problems can arise with electronic devices because we don’t clean the device at regular intervals. If the touchpad is not cleaned correctly, there might be a possibility that the touchpad is not working because of this. To fix this issue with the touchpad, You need to make sure that you are cleaning the touchpad properly so that you will not face this issue.

While cleaning the touchpad, you must take the soft brush and clean it gently. Also, ensure you are not using the water while cleaning the touchpad of the dishwasher. After cleaning all, start the device angina to check whether the issue is resolved. 

5. Writing Problem

If the wiring of the dishwasher, especially the touchpad, is loose or broken, it will also cause the problem of the LG Dishwasher touchpad not working. To fix this issue, you need to locate the part of the touchpad in the dishwasher and ensure that all the wires connected to the touchpad are not loose or broken. And if so, you need to repair the wiring. 

It may be complex to identify the wiring of the dishwasher. You can take the help of an expert in this who can do it better. Restart the machine again and check for the issue.

6. Fault in the Power Cord

A fault in the power cord can also result in the LG Dishwasher touchpad not working. It will hamper the proper power supply. When you start the dishwasher, ensure there is no fault in the Power Cord. If there is any default in the Power Cord, you need to change it with the new Power Cord. After replacing the new unit, start the dishwasher and check for the result.

7. Activated control lock

Imagine your control lock is on, you are worrying about this issue, or you have tried everything, but nothing works. But this can be the issue in the end. You might have activated this to protect your child from the machine. And if so, you need to disable the control lock so you can use the dishwasher effectively without having problems with the touch. 


In the end, you got your solution to the problem of the LG Dishwasher touchpad not working. These are the leading solution to this issue which you can try at home and get rid of this problem. As per our recommendations, you should first check for the control panel, as this can be the main reason your touchpad is not working but make sure to check other points if that doesn’t work. Also, ensure that you are not using a wet hand on your touchpad; otherwise, it may not work. Hope you find the solution to this problem from this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I replace the touchpad on my LG dishwasher myself?

Replacing the touchpad on an LG dishwasher requires some technical knowledge and experience. It’s recommended to seek the help of a professional appliance repair technician. If you’re comfortable working with appliances, you can find replacement touchpads online and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

2. Is it safe to use my dishwasher without the touchpad working?

Using your dishwasher without a functioning touchpad is not recommended, as it may cause damage to the dishwasher or result in poor cleaning performance. The touchpad is an essential component of the dishwasher’s control system and controls various functions, such as selecting wash cycles and adjusting water temperature.

3. Is there a warranty on LG dishwasher touchpads?

LG dishwashers have a limited warranty covering certain materials and workmanship defects. The warranty period and coverage vary depending on the model and purchase date of the dishwasher. It’s recommended to check the warranty terms and conditions in the manual or contact LG customer service for more information.


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