Norcold is one of the well-renowned brands in the field of Refrigerators, but it can also cause an issue if used for an extended period. In this situation, you need to know how to find ways to norcold RV refrigerator reset. If you also have a problem with the Refrigerator and want to reset it to get rid of it, then continue reading this blog. Resetting the Refrigerator can help you solve the minor issue in the Refrigerator in simple steps.

In this blog, we will see why you need to reset, and ways to norcold RV refrigerator reset so that you can also solve the minor issue arising in your device. We will go over the steps to reset a Norcold refrigerator so you can enjoy a cold drink or a fresh meal. It is a simple step to reset the device, and you can perform this at your home in simple steps. Get ready to reset your device without facing any problems.

How to Reset a Norcold Refrigerator

Reset Norcold Refrigerator in Simple Steps

Here we will see the three easy norcold rv refrigerator reset you can perform to reset the device. It does not require the expert and knowledge of the tech to do this; you can do it even if you are not an expert in the technology. Make sure that you understand all the possible ways of setting the device; otherwise, it will be difficult to reset the Refrigerator.

1. Power Button Resetting

It is one of the simple and common ways to norcold rv refrigerator reset. In this step, you need to locate the reset button in the Refrigerator. Most refrigerators have a reset button; you need to press the reset button to reset the device. Once you press the reset button, it will automatically reset and start again after a few minutes.

If your Refrigerator doesn’t have the reset button, you can also follow another way to reset the device. In this, you need to power off the Refrigerator and unplug the power from the Refrigerator. Once you do this, your Refrigerator will be powered down. After a few minutes, start the Refrigerator, which will work as the reset process.

In most cases, the step mentioned above works well. If your Refrigerator is reset this way, don’t go for the other ways of resetting as mentioned below. These are the most common ways of norcold rv refrigerator resetting. Hope you got the solution from adobe and if not, then read out the other ways of doing this. We have mentioned two more steps by which you can reset.

2. Magnet Reset in the Norcold Refrigerator

It is another way to reset the Norcold Refrigerator; in this way, you need the help of the magnet to reset the device. In this way of a norcold rv refrigerator reset, you need to remove the access compartment door, which will be on the lower of the Refrigerator. After getting access to the control function in the Refrigerator, you need to locate the reed switch.

You will find the reed switch on the motherboard. Make sure that your Refrigerator is on while you perform this process. To start this process, get the magnet and hold this on the top of the reed switch for a few minutes. You can move the magnet around the reed switch. After a few minutes, you will hear the click sound, and the LED light will turn off. And it will complete the resetting process in the Refrigerator.

3. Resetting with Power Board

It may require a little technical knowledge of the refrigerator for a norcold rv refrigerator reset. You need to take off the wires of the AC power cord, Gas valve solenoid coil wires, sense electrode assembly wires and 12 VDC negative and positive wires from the power board and, after waiting for a few seconds, connect the wires again to their place. Make sure that you don’t forget the actual place of the wires. You can also take a picture of the original wiring location. 

Why you Need to Reset the Norcold Refrigerator

Now, you have seen how to reset the Norcold Refrigerator, but you also understand why you need to reset the device. It is also important to reset the Norcold refrigerator if you notice that the cooling unit is not working correctly or if the refrigerator is not maintaining the desired temperature. Various factors, such as a clogged or dirty condenser, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a problem with the cooling unit itself, can cause this. 

Resetting the refrigerator can help diagnose and resolve these issues and ensure that the refrigerator runs at optimal performance. Additionally, resetting the Norcold refrigerator can be beneficial if you notice that it is using excessive energy or experiencing issues with frost buildup. Several factors, such as a malfunctioning door seal, a clogged or dirty evaporator, or a problem with the defrost cycle, can cause this.


These are the possible ways to norcold rv refrigerator reset. All the adobe mentioned solutions for resetting the refrigerator are simple, and you can perform this yourself. Especially the solution one is one of the most common and straightforward. In most cases, you will get the solution from those mentioned above. Resetting can also help you eliminate the minor problem in your refrigerator, which you can solve by yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where is the reset button on a Norcold refrigerator?

The location of the reset button on a Norcold refrigerator can vary depending on the specific model. It is typically located on the control panel or inside the refrigerator compartment. It is recommended to refer to the user manual for the specific location of your Norcold refrigerator model.

2. Why is my Norcold refrigerator not cooling?

Several possible reasons your Norcold refrigerator may not be cooling properly. Some common causes include a malfunctioning thermostat, a clogged condenser coil, a dirty evaporator fan, or low refrigerant levels. It could also be an issue with the power supply or the control board. Without more information about the specific model and symptoms, it would be difficult to provide a specific diagnosis. 

3. How long does it take to unplug a fridge to reset it?

To reset a refrigerator, it is recommended to unplug it for at least 5 minutes. It will allow the compressor to reset and the coolant to settle. After 5 minutes, plug the refrigerator back in and wait for it to cool down to the desired temperature before using it again.


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