Getting errors in the Maytag Microwave can make your daily tricky as we use these types of devices in our daily usage. The issue related to the Microwave Open/Close Door Error is one of the common issues that we see in the Maytag Microwave. It shows some problems in your Microwave, and if it is not resolved within time, it can also create significant big problems. To address this problem, we have mentioned solutions.

In this blog post, we will see the possible causes of this problem and the solutions so that you don’t have to see Microwave Open/Close Door Error the next time. But before we dive into this process. We also have to understand that if you don’t have the expertise in replacing the Microwaves. Then you can also take the help of an expert who has expertise in this field.

How to Fix Maytag Microwave Open/Close Door Error

What a Microwave Open/Close Door Error Indicates

You may see the error code in your Microwave. But this confirms that the error code in your Microwave shows the issue, and we have to understand this issue to resolve this problem. Microwave Open/Close Door Error shows the problem in the microwave’s door sensor or switch is not functioning correctly. It is responsible for detecting whether the door is open or closed, and the microwave will not operate when it malfunctions.

You may also see this problem when the door latch is not engaged correctly or if the door itself is damaged or misaligned. Sometimes, it can also be caused by a software or electronic issue. It is a safety feature that ensures the door is closed correctly before the microwave can operate for safety reasons. The Microwave Open/Close Door Error issue can be resolved with simple steps. Keep reading this to understand the solution to this problem.

Fix Maytag Microwave Door Error 2023

Here we have listed all the possible ways you can solve this problem related to the Microwave Open/Close Door Error. Make sure you understand all the points mentioned in detail so that you don’t face any confusion while solving this problem. 

1. Door Switch is Faulty

As we have discussed earlier, you may see the error code when your door has any fault or if it is not opening or closing correctly, then you may see this error in your Microwave. Now, there may be a possibility that your door switch has a fault, which may result in seeing this error. 

To see this issue, you need to see the fault in the Door switch with the help of a multimeter, and if you find the problem, then you need to fix this issue. To fix this problem, you need to take them out of the faulty Door switch and replace it with the new door switch. 

2. Clogged Filter

Filter in the Microwave also plays an essential role in the device; if the filter is clogged, it may also result in a code error. Cleaning can solve various problems if you regularly maintain proper maintenance. To fix this issue, check the filter at the button. And then, you need to clean the filter with the help of the brush. 

3. Surface is Not Levelled 

If the door of the Microwave is not closing correctly may also be because the surface level is incorrect. There may be some object which is disturbing the surface of the Microwave. If the door of the Microwave is not closing correctly, you will see Microwave Open/Close Door Error.

You can quickly fix this issue as this is simple, and there is no complexity. You need to check the surface of the Microwave, and if you see the object causing this destruction, remove any object under the Microwave, restart the device again, and check.

4. Dirty Parts of the Microwave 

Any dirty part of the Microwave may destroy while closing the door of the Microwave. You need to check the main parts of the Microwave and check for the dirty part which requires cleaning. Once you find which part requires cleaning. Clean the part carefully after removing the part. Once you do the cleaning, just place all the parts in their place and then start.

5. Issue With the Door Latch

This issue is also related to the door closing. If your door latch is broken, it is difficult to close the door of the Microwave. In this issue, you need to check the Door Latch and examine if it is broken. Then, you need to replace the broken part with the new unit. After replacing the old part, start the machine and check if it is showing the error code. 


If you are also facing the issue of a Microwave Open/Close Door Error, then you can solve this problem after following the above-mentioned issue. The primary issue of this problem is that the door of the Microwave is not closed correctly. If you can solve the problem related to the door closing, then this issue will be resolved. You can try the above-mentioned solution to get rid of this problem by yourself if you know the tech.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What would happen if a microwave was on with the door open?

If a microwave is on with the door open, the microwave energy will not be contained within the oven and will be unable to heat the food. This can also be dangerous as microwave energy can cause interference and potentially damage electronic devices nearby. Moreover, microwave radiation can cause injury to human eyes and skin. Additionally, it can cause damage to the microwave itself, as the magnetron, which generates the microwave energy, is not designed to operate with the door open.

2. Where is the microwave door interlock switch?

The microwave door interlock switch, also known as the door switch, is typically located on the door itself or the door frame. It is a small electrical switch activated when the door is closed and deactivated when the door is open. This switch is a safety feature that prevents the microwave from operating when the door is open to prevent injury and damage.

3. What is the most common cause of microwave failure?

The most common causes of microwave failure are malfunctioning door switches, magnetrons and control boards. Other causes include faulty power supply, blown a fuse, and malfunctioning diode. Regular maintenance, cleaning, and proper usage can help prolong the life of your microwave. It’s best to consult the user manual or professional for assistance.


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