Winter is fun weather where we see the white snow but having the two music snow can be problematic. All this snow can be cleaned with the help of the Snowblower. But this situation is more difficult when the snowblower won’t start. It will be tough to clean the snow without this machine. If you are also facing this issue with your snowblower then check this guide to know all the solutions to resolve this problem in your snowblower.

In this blog, we are going to see if the snowblower won’t start which is causing this problem in the snowblower along with the solutions to get rid of this problem. It is required to be resolved as early as possible so that you can clean the snow collected outside your home. Make sure to check out all solutions mentioned in this guide. Now, you do not have to worry about the issue you’re facing on the snowblower. And can be resolved in simple steps. 

How to Fix Snowblower Won't Start

Fix Snowblower Won’t Start Problem in a Simple Way

Now, we are going to see all the solutions in detail to solve this issue. These issues arise in the snowblower for some reasons which are mentioned in this guide. Make sure that you follow all solutions to fix this. Snowblower won’t start is one of the common issues arising from improper maintenance in a snowblower. Let’s check out all the solutions in this blog.

1. The Fuel Line is Blocked

It is one of the common issues which can cause the problem of snowblower won’t start. In this problem, the fuel line is blocked and which results in not starting the device. And, because of the blockage, fuel may be leaking. You can fix this issue in simple steps, check the blockage in the fuel line.  And if there is a blockage, you need to remove that blockage to fix it. 

2. Fault in the Spark Plug

Spark Plug plays an important role in starting the snowblower and if there is any fault or damage then it is effective at the time of starting the snowblower. You can determine with the help of the spark plug tester if there is any defect in this part. If you have found any defect in this part then you need to replace Spark Plug so that you can fix this part of the snowblower.   

3. Carburetor is clogged

Carburetor controls the air and fuel in the snowblower and if there is any issue related to this part of the snowblower then it will affect the functioning of the snowblower. If there is any blockage or dirt in the Carburetor, the snowblower won’t start. To fix this issue, check the blockage or the dirt in the Carburetor and clean the blockage for proper functioning. 

4. No Gas in the Fuel Tank

If you have tried all the above-mentioned solutions and still not getting the proper solution for this issue then you should check the fuel in the snowblower. Sometimes it happens that the fuel in the snowblower is low and this is the reason for not starting the snowblower. Although it is one of the obvious points which you should consider in mind if you are having this in your snowblower. This issue can be resolved by doing this with your snowblower.

5. Electric Starter issue

If the part which is starting the snowblower is faulty, which will cause the snowblower not to start. Damage to the Electric Starter is one of the common issues which can result in the snowblower won’t start. To fix this issue, you need to check if there is any issue with the Electric Starter then you need to replace the Electric Starter to resolve this problem.

6. Fault in the Air Filter

The air filter can also make your snowblower not work because of the fault in the air filter. If the air filter is damaged or it is dirty then you need to make sure that there is no issue with the air filter.  To fix this, check the air filter is working properly and you may also need to replace the air filter if this is not working. If the issue is related to cleaning then clean the air filter.

7. Recoil Starter problem

Damage in the Recoil Starter also creates a problem in its functioning. Check the Recoil Starter and if the Recoil Starter is broken then you need to replace the Recoil Starter. It is simple to replace. You need to take out the old Recoil Starter and then replace it with the new part.

8. Fault in Ignition Coil

The ignition Coil is one of the main parts of the snowblower and if it is broken then it will affect the proper functioning of the snowblower. This issue can be resolved in simple steps, check the Ignition Coil and if there is any fault in this then replace this part of the snowblower.


In the end, now you can say the sole issue of snowblower won’t start from the solution mentioned in this guide. All the solutions mentioned in this blog are simple and you can solve them at your home with the help of a guide and tech knowledge. Now, you can remove the snow collected outside your home from the snowblower. After having the issue with the snowblower, you know the importance of this device in our daily life, especially in the winter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How often should I replace the spark plug in my snow blower?

The frequency of replacing this part depends on the type of spark plug and quality that we are using, and the usage of the snow blower, but generally it is required to be replaced every 100 hours of operation or once a year so that it doesn’t cause any disturbance in the proper functioning. It is the common practice of doing this in relation to the spark plug.

2. Can a clogged air filter prevent my snowblower from starting?

The clogged air filter can prevent air from entering the engine, causing the snow blower to not start. It’s important to regularly clean or replace the air filter to ensure proper engine operation, it will also make sure that you don’t face any issues with your device.

3. How do I clean or replace the carburetor in my snow blower?

Cleaning or replacing the carburetor requires disassembling the carburetor and using a carburetor cleaner to remove any debris or deposits. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. And have experience working with small engines before attempting to clean or replace the carburetor. It is a simple process that you can follow for this.


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