If you have a refrigerator with an ice maker, you may experience the problem of the Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Making Ice. In this issue, you will see your water dispenser world perfectly, but the ice maker needs to be fixed. Various reasons, including clogged filters, broken parts, or incorrect settings, can cause this issue.

Here, we will explain the standard solution to this problem. So, you can quickly solve the issue of the Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Making Ice. We have explained all the related solutions that will help you eliminate this issue in your ice maker. 

How to Fix Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Making Ice

Fix Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Making Ice 2024

If you are experiencing the problem of a complete lack of ice production or just a decrease in ice output. This detailed guild will help you to troubleshoot the issue and get your ice maker working correctly again. The issue of the Samsung ice maker not working but water does one of the common problems which you will see in the ice maker.

We will cover everything from basic checks, like ensuring the ice maker is turned on, and the water supply is connected. By the end of this post, you’ll have the knowledge and tools you need to get your Samsung ice maker back up and running.

1. Resetting the Ice Maker 

When we use any technology device, we may face some minor issues at the time of using these devices. These may also occur due to continued use for a long time. In this type of situation, we need a small solution. 

Every tech device has a reset option, which we can use to start the machine again from the beginning. To solve this problem of the Samsung ice maker not working but water, we need to reset the device so that if there is any minor issue related to the motor can be resolved. After resetting, start the device and see for the changes.

2. Water Pressure is Not Strong

Imagine if the water is not going to the ice maker. Will it make ice if it does not have sufficient water? Tus may also be one problem: insufficient water pressure to pass through the filter to the ice maker. And that is why the water is working but not the ice maker.

To fix this issue, you need to ensure that the fridge’s water pressure is enough. So that the required water passes through the filter to the ice maker. It will result in making ice in your ice maker. It is a common reason for this issue, and this happens more commonly. See if still the Samsung refrigerator ice Maker not Making Ice, then check out the following solution for this.

3. The Water Line is Clogged

Suppose you use electronic devices continually for a long time without giving importance to the maintenance of that device. The water is passed to the ice maker through the water line and imagined if there is any blockage in the water line. There are two types of water lines: one transfers the water for drinking, and another goes to the ice maker.

If the water line for the ice maker is clogged because of dirt or any other reason, then it is easier for the ice maker to make the ice with sufficient water. To fix this issue, find out the water line for the ice maker. And clean it properly so that any dirt can be removed. After all this process, start the fridge and see if the ice maker is working.

4. The Ice Maker is Turned Off

The first thing that should come to your mind when the Samsung ice maker not working but water does is whether your ice maker is on or off. Samsung fridge has the option where you can turn off the ice maker in case you need to make the ice. 

You may have turned it off but did not check this when you wanted the ice. You might wonder why my ice maker is not working, but the issue is that you have turned it off previously. So the simple solution is to turn it on when you want to ice.

5. Defrost the Ice Maker Bucket

Using the ice maker for a long time and not Defrosting this may also result in the Samsung ice maker not working but the water does. There may be a possibility that a lot of ice is collected around the ice maker, and because of this, ice makes it not able to work correctly. Just power off your fridge to fix this issue, then defrost it and clean all the ice. Now start it. 


These are the possible solutions for the Samsung ice maker not working but water does, and you can try out mentioned ways to solve this problem. If you are not the tech guy, you can still try this out at home without needing expert help. These are simple steps you can follow by yourself. It is a common problem which starts after using the fridge for a long time without proper maintenance. Hope, you have found the solution to this problem.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can I fix the problem alone, or do I need a professional?

Depending on the problem and your level of comfort with DIY repairs, you can fix the issue by following step-by-step instructions. However, if you are not comfortable troubleshooting and repairing the ice maker, it’s best to call a professional.

What should I do if the ice maker is producing too much ice?

Adjust the ice maker settings to decrease the amount of ice produced, or if it keeps producing too much ice, cleaning and checking the internal components of the ice maker might be helpful.

How can I keep my Samsung ice maker working correctly in the future?

Regularly cleaning the ice maker, changing the water filter, and keeping an eye on the ice output can prevent future problems with the ice maker.


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